Thursday, March 6, 2014

Our Brand New Etsy Team Page

We are pleased to announce that our Etsy Team now has its own new page which makes it easier to shop locally and support our local island artists and crafters.  This page works somewhat like Pinterest, in that there are individual 'boards' that categorize various products into an organized manner, making it easier to find specific items people might search for.  We are allowed up to 35 boards, which we now have.  Eventually these boards might change to best reflect what our team sells, but for now, it's a good start.  We are open to any suggestions, of course.   And if we have missed your shop somehow, or you have just joined our team, let us know so we can add some of your products.

Now that we have the page in place, how our team members can help is by sharing the new link on all of their social networks and such.  It should start showing up in Google Search, I believe, but we can help it along quicker by sharing the link ourselves, wherever we can. This will help your own shop as well as support your local team members' shops.  Here is the link:

Another way you can help get the word out is to connect with our team on Pinterest as well as repin our post.  Click HERE to view and repin our post.  If you would like to add some of your shop items to our Pinterest board, let us know so we can add you to our 'board'.  All we ask is that you be fair to other members and not overpost.  

We have also 'tweeted' the link to our new page on our Twitter page.  If you haven't already connected with us on Twitter, I encourage you to do so and help out your team by 'retweeting' our tweets and sharing our team info there.  The more our team is seen on social media, the better.  It all helps!

While I'm on the subject, have you joined our team's Facebook page yet?  If you would like to keep up with things that are happening, feel free to join us there.  Let us know if you are involved in any craft fairs or artisan events we should know about.  If you are having any special sales in your shop, you can post that on our FB as well.  Again, just take care not to 'overpost' as it is our team page, afterall.  And let us know your FB shop link so we can 'Like' it.  It's all about supporting one another in our entrepreneurial endeavours. 

Have a great, creative day everyone! Let us know you are seeing our blog posts by commenting below.  When you do, let us know the name of your Etsy shop and add your link!  GO TEAM!

Micki Findlay @ A2SeaCreations and SingingPhotographer on Etsy
(A leader of the Vancouver Island Etsy Team)

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