Monday, April 7, 2014

Number 4 In Our Team Treasury Marathon

A big thank you to Nicole Bottles of FreshSqueezedLymeAidfor her new Van Isle Treasury called 'Sprightly Spring'!

She writes:  "I wanted to capture the feeling of winter transitioning into 'actual' know the season with flowers and sunshine etc, and not just a date on the calendar."

Here is Nicole's Bio on Etsy:  

"For 5 years, I have been actively battling chronic Lyme Disease, a bacteriological infection (spread by ticks), which has consequently landed me in a wheelchair, in severe pain, and with short-term memory difficulties. This experience has taught me very valuable life lessons in love, respect and perseverance, helping to make me the mature and peaceful person I am today. I'm in my late teens, and still ill, although on the road to recovery. Throughout my journey, it was the arts that sustained me: knitting, playing piano, spinning, sewing, and making collages. There is nothing more relaxing than being up to your eyeballs in string, or elbow-deep in glue! Creating something with your own hands is an exciting endeavor. Crafting in harmony with nature is very important to me, and has been quite the learning process. Striving to live in harmony with the plants and animals around me has made me more conscious of how fragile life on Earth is. Human existence can be destructive, or nurturing, and I work hard to be in the latter group. It is through the collective effort of individuals that change is made. Thank you for supporting ethically & hand-made arts and crafts. <3"

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